HDTV Antenna Tips

  • In most cases larger antennas will pick up signals better than a small one.


  • You wont be able to use a small inside antenna on top your television if you are 50 miles out of town.


  • Generally, an outdoor roof mounted antenna will get better reception and more channels than an indoor antenna.


  • If you under 20 miles from the local broadcast towers(s) you should be able to use an indoor antenna.


  • The behavior of the HDTV antenna is affected by nearby large metallic objects. Try to keep a few feet of distance between the antenna and such objects.


  • Give yourself several days to test the best position for your antenna and test at different times of the day. What may be a strong signal in the morning may be weaker at night and visa versa.


  • If you live in lower area with a hill or large obstruction between you and the principal broadcast location, you may not be able to receive a signal at all. In this case, you’ll have to get cable or satellite for HDTV.


  • If you live more than 70 miles from the broadcast tower, you may need to elevate the antenna higher than the house to receive a signal. You will need a larger antenna to pick up the FREE HDTV signals from the further away towers


  • Digital TV reception can often be improved just by changing the location of your current antenna, even as little as a few inches.  For example, moving it away from other objects or placing it higher or lower can often improve reception.  Be sure to move the antenna slowly as digital TV tuners need a little time to properly detect the signal.  You need to rescan for available signals if you are missing channels.

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