HDTV Antenna Installation

Installation for Free HDTV

Go to our antenna website and order an HDTV antenna, short range, medium range or long range depending on your conditions. The farther away you live from a broadcast antenna, the larger an antenna you will need. Roof top mount (if you are using an outdoor exterior antenna) and enough wiring to make it wherever you are mounting your HDTV antenna.


Getting Started:

  • If you know which direction your TV broadcasts come from you already know the direction to aim your antenna. If not, log on to www.antennaweb.org, put in your location and it will give you a complete list with a map showing where the broadcasts signals come from. Choose a spot on your roof that is free of obstacles between the antenna and the HDTV broadcast signals.
  • If you find multiple broadcasts from different locations, you might want to install an antenna rotor to turn the direction of the antenna and bring in broadcast signals from other cities in the area. (Available at our antenna store)
  • Install the mounting device if you are using an exterior antenna. A rooftop or a gable end mount are the most common and easiest to use.
  • Take you antenna out of the box and follow the instructions to assemble it. Attach it to your mounting but leave it loose enough to turn for adjustments. Attach the coaxial cable and run it down to your TV.
  • Get someone to help you with the adjusting as one person can watch the TV and the other will be on the roof adjusting the antenna position. Many HDTV’s have signal strength meters built in so you can turn the antenna until the meter reads  the highest signal strength.
  • If you’re missing major stations and channels, you can try positioning your antenna to split the difference between more than one tower, but again, this may result in too-low signal strength from your main broadcast tower. If you want to address towers that are farther than 30 degrees apart, your best bet is to get an antenna rotator or use more than one antenna. (Available at our antenna page)
  • You should now have your FREE HDTV antenna system up and working.  To finish up, follow the instructions with your antenna about grounding it. Basically, you need to pick up some ground wire from the hardware store. Attach it to the antenna and run it down to a water pipe or a copper ground rod, also available at the hardware store. While your there, pick up some cable holders so you can go back up and neatly nail your coaxial cable and ground wire to the house as it drops down from the antenna.







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